Karmen Rubin

- About the Book

Oh no! My shoe ... my shoe. Where did it go? I just had it right here below. A day full of play and now it's a go. It's so hard to keep up with it. The harder I try, it just slips me by.

Find out the many interesting places your shoe goes when you misplace it.

Take this magical journey and see the many places you go. Your shoes are always up for the adventure! You will be surprised just where they take you!

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Karmen Rubin, otherwise known as Miss Goody Two Shoes, is a children's book author who captures the minds of young readers and parents by connecting imagination to everyday reality. Through her writing she hopes to expose and inspire radical change that encourages pathways out of poverty.

As a mother and community servant, Karmen has backpacked Europe, served the nonprofit community for over a decade, and is devoted to enhancing the quality of life within struggling communities. Her mission is to create opportunity awareness that exposes children and families to sustainable living models.

Karmen is a native of Shreveport, Louisiana and currently resides in Dallas, TX. Connect with her on social media and stay up to date on all her community initiatives at www.thegoodynetwork.com.

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